Here’s how the program works…

Maxcoverage Satisfaction


MAXXIS wants to give you absolute assurance you have made the right choice. If for some reason you think otherwise, MAXXIS offers you a satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase of any MAXXIS tyre.

Roadside Assist


For any set of 4 MAXXIS tyres purchased, you will enjoy 2 years of tyre roadside assistance (from the date of purchase of the MAXXIS tyres) for any Road Hazard Tyre Damage you encounter with your MAXXIS tyres. In such a case, help is on its way! Roadside assistance can be accessed by way of a dedicated phone line 24/7, 365 days a year, anywhere in Australia. In case of a flat tyre, a qualified professional will change your tyre with the spare, free of charge. If a working spare is not available or you have two or more flat tyres, towing will be provided free of charge to the nearest Maxxis Dealer or authorised place of repair (up to 50kms radius from point of incident).

Hazard Warranty


For any set of 4 MAXXIS tyres purchased, MAXXIS will replace a MAXXIS tyre damaged within 2 years of purchase due to irreparable Road Hazard Tyre Damage. ‘Road Hazard Tyre Damage’ means accidental damage caused to a MAXXIS tyre due to unseen road hazards such as punctures, accidental cuts, accidental curb damage, impact breaks (e.g. potholes) and other damage caused by unforeseen road hazards (excluding an Unauthorised Event).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To be eligible for the Maxxis Maxcoverage Warranty Guarantee, you need to purchase a set of 4 tyres and register within 14 days of purchasing your tyres.

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